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News... it caught my notice

"4 Copter Losses in Iraq Due to Ground Fire."

This struck a definite chord. A 'million' years ago back in '79, I decided that I needed to do something with my life and focused upon joining the Armed Services.

I already has a pilot's license and loved aviation, but I decided that I wanted to fly helicopters. The best to go for turbine helicopter training and experience was the Army.

So I went to an Armed Forces recruiting center and went to the Army recruiter, telling him that I wanted to go into Warrant Officer helicopter training. He subtly kept evading this interest repeatedly, apparently trying to vector me into another area.

After a while, I had enough of it, thanked him for his time, walked across the hall and joined the Air Force.

But IF I had gotten what I asked for so many years ago, I would likely be in Iraq right now--or dead.

The headline--struck a chord.
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