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New LJ Community for Parents

In light of the last couple of days and the amount of discource there has been on parenting as a transperson...i felt compelled to create a new community for transfolk who are parents or are thinking of becoming parents transparent_cy  I think any of us who are prents in the community can help others with our experiences and develop and ad-hoc guide to parenting from the perspective of transfolk.

As a Transsexual Woman in modern America and from my involvement in the Transgender community I have noticed tht there are countless folk like myself that are parents. I understand that there are many within the trans community that wish to become parents at some after or even durring transition.

Parenting is difficult and when you mix it with being trangender/transexual it becomes even more difficult with very unique concerns.

Just as there are no manauals for raising a child, there are no manuals for how to be a parent. Transparents face unique struggles and legal issues. Lets stand together and give each other support when fighting for our rights as parents and helping our children to grow up as healthy, well adjusted, humans.

Feel free to post questions, comments, advice, pleas for help, links to legal resources, links to legislation that is pertinant to our parenting, articles that offer tips, socialization epifanies...anything that might help all of us become better parents and raise a genration of fair open minded kids.

Feel free to join...I hope that you will and I hope that you will also promote it on your journal and apropriate other communities.

Thank you

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